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Inspection of Sewers

Inspection of Sewers

Not sure if your sewer is damaged? Do you want to find out quickly and reliably? So you should contact TVS-Centrum Praha, which has a professional revision of the sewer of any size in its offer. From us you will have the highest quality services and professional approach, believe it.
Inspection of Sewers

Our company has a lot of experience in this industry. We have been moving in it for many years and in that time we have gained a large number of satisfied customers throughout the Czech Republic, not only in Prague. We use the highest quality instruments and cameras for the inspection of drains. This makes our services great.

Really nice living walls and sets

Comfort and relaxation is dominant for the living rooms and so the living walls and the assembly you treat accordingly. The luxury of comfort does not mean overpriced design. Trendy or classic gives you many possibilities of combining individual pieces or the entire assembly.

If you want a whole new room or just looking for the right individual pieces, think that the living walls and the assembly are a social space. Room layout with dining area, open with Hall and staircase. You tune the furniture that you will have in your eyes and still in the subconscious.

Material and combinations

We offer living walls and kits of guaranteed manufacturers in top quality. Massif, veneer, lacquered design in natural classic and modern colors. Similarly, the style of furniture can be amazingly adapted to media equipment and lighting. We will gladly advise you and make a bargain offer.

You can rely on our plastic windows

Do you live on a higher floor and are worried about your child? He's so lively and active! Rado explores everything new and you insist in horror when approaching the window? Replace your old windows and get quality plastic windows with additional lockable mechanism. You will never be afraid that the child will get to the window and fall off in a moment.
We offer you to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Visit us and we'll solve your problems according to your options and so that we meet all your requirements. In your apartment you will feel comfortable and safe. Our plastic windows will bring satisfaction to your homes.
Our goal-Your satisfaction
You'll never be afraid of your own apartment anymore. Your child can happily run around the apartment and discover the world. Plastic windows from us will bring you peace and security. Feel free to say: My home-my castle. Your home will be really safe and you can sleep happily.

Progressing age

We would like to help you simplify the period, such as menopause. Every woman is unconsciously worried about him, but it is important to be able to cope well and to make this period simple. We offer Menox 45 tablets to help you from unpleasant symptoms that the menopause carries.


The menopause will no longer be your evil dream. With Menox 45 tablets, you will not have any unpleasant symptoms such as sweating, nausea, insomnia, dizziness, weight gain, loss of appetite for sex, etc. With Menox 45, you are passing through the menopause very easily.

Natural compound

Menox 45 is a natural compound, you get it freely without a prescription and has no side effects. We guarantee a refund if you were not satisfied with the tablets. You can try them out for 30 days. We are convinced that it will also help you. The menopause will not make your life more unpleasant.



Are you interested in where you could use your car, motorbike and so on, Al still a good quality motoradvertising for you? Our motoradvertising offers everything you might want. Give your ad to us, and see how people are responding to it with our website.

With us, you have a great chance that your advert will be answered and more likely to be sold or purchased. You don't have to worry about the dangers they would expect on our site. The motoclassifieds as you know it are located with us for you so that you can give an advertisement for anything.
From car to boat

We have categories for all means of transport, so it doesn't matter what you offer or are you looking for. We can find cars, motorbikes or tractors, as well as ships and even smaller planes. You will appreciate our offer, so you can be sure that our motoadvertising.

Organisation and order are very important


Are you thinking about new equipment in malt, and therefore you are looking for racks that are worth having with you? The offer on the Czech market is large, but finding among them really quality products is hard. But with us you are assured that you will only buy the best models of racks.


Our products are proven in practice, so we know that they can be used in every warehouse. Testing is done by the customers themselves, who are satisfied with our racks, so you can be sure that you buy only quality from us, for great money.

Good, but with us even better

The racks from us are much better than the competition. You can argue with a clear conscience, because the products have been a great good practice. But not only quality from us is the reason why you should buy from us, and prices are very tempting, so do not hesitate to buy from us.

Protect the roof windows with Apopes or louvers

Roof windows

Not everyone is lucky for a new house, where he can give everything he remembers. However, for the family house in which the roof areas are located, the roof windows, which have an important function, are very important, namely the lighting of spaces that would otherwise be in absolute darkness.
Roof windows

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable shop with the best roof windows, you can be sure that we offer exactly what you require. Whether you are demanding, and you want a great luxury, or you are satisfied with the simple quality, you will find the roof windows of all qualities.
All very cheap

To make your roof windows well-made, there is only one thing to do, and you can buy them with us. We will then arrange transportation, we'll sell everything with you, and of course we mount it so you can have the most comfort. And it pays off when you buy, just with us.

Accommodation Mountains

Apartments, mountain hotels and cottages, chalets, pensions and recreation centres provide accommodation for mountains all year round, high quality and inexpensive. Family with children, permission with friends or the exit of the sports club-everyone will surely find the right according to their wishes.
Quality accommodation for tempting prices
Whether you are arriving on holiday, for a weekend with friends or you want to celebrate New Year's Eve or Christmas in Šumava, it offers year-round accommodation according to your wishes. Our verified accommodation facilities-apartments, pensions, chalets and hotels. We offer you cheap accommodation mountain at the destination of your vacation.

T-shirt printing

So we go to "febeak", to support our favorite groups. And there's quite a lot of us out of our village. We have to make a visible one, to know something about ourselves. Screaming, singing and dancing is not enough, everyone will do it. It would be something imaginative, interesting and even witting. "I'm sure. Can be interesting, witty and original. He will surely know about you!

The right choice. Just have some funny idea, some interesting picture or photo and T-shirt. That's it. On T-shirt printing you can be without an idea without a T-shirt. You can choose a cool choice from our offer. Print T-shirt The best quality technology is not only on the "Febeak"!
Not enough to just sing and scream!

The imprint is an idea for your purpose as created. Choose what fits both men and women!


With an emphasis on design, your comfort and your ideas we offer from a variety of materials. Take advantage of the choice of upholstery with pickling, combination of materials and colour design. I is part of the interior and should complement the overall impression.

Our-metal, wooden or luxurious in many attractive fabrics, but also in leather and imitation leather. Luxury chairs at interesting prices, take advantage of action prices and save. Our customers appreciate a number of models in different combinations. Our goods according to your wishes.
Our chairs come to see

If you do not know how to choose a chair, we will promptly answer your questions. Contact us via the online inquiry form. We also invite you to our brick-and-mortar stores, where you can choose or obtain valuable information directly on site.